Cheese Appreciation Level 1

This thorough introduction on the topic of cheese, provides the base for future study, discussion and tasting in Cheese Appreciation 2 and deepens the knowledge of all cheese enthusiasts.  After this introductory class, you will want to delve deeper into study and continue to enjoy the camaraderie that comes from studying with like-minded caseophiles!

Cheese Appreciation 1 is offered at a retail level (deli staff training) and also for cheese enthusiasts in a group format.

Basics of Cheese: Tasting – Sensing – Appreciation

  • How to taste a cheese*
  • Words to describe cheese*
  • Cheese through the ages
  • Cheese ingredients*
  • Milk and ingredient terms
  • Types of milk*
  • Categories of Cheese*
  • Processes in cheese-making*
  • Old and New World varieties*
  • Goat, sheep, blue and pasta filata cheeses*
  • Developing a Cheese Vocabulary
  • Handling and storage (general)*
  • Basic cheese and wine pairing*
  • What makes a cheese superior?

* Indicates tasting component will be incorporated into the discussion.

Please email [email protected] for more information.

Cost: $495.00 + HST ($64.35) = $559.35

(Includes cheese in class, course materials, testing and certificate)

Duration:  15 hours (5 modules x 3 hours each)
Class Size: Maximum 20 people.
Result:  Certificate of Achievement

“Thank you for the Cheese 1 course. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Anyone who is part of CAPS or the IWEG program would benefit greatly from it. I liken it to the Intermediate certificate of the WSET that touches on all of the essentials. I’ll do whatever I can to be an advocate for the course.”

Ed Ho – Proprietor,
Globe Restaurant
124 Danforth Ave.

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