Curd Camp

Cheese Education Guild’s 3-day “Curd Camp” is a serious course study that includes a full weekend of tasting and evaluating cheese, lectures, and demonstrations. Students will learn about cheese making, the importance of ingredients, the categories of cheese and they will be able to identify and to evaluate great cheese and pair cheese like a pro!

Who should attend?
• Food professionals
• Cheese enthusiasts
• Career changers

What to expect from Curd Camp?:
• 15 hours of instruction
• The opportunity to taste over 35 different cheeses
• Curd Camp class curriculum binder, full of cheese literature, charts, facts, tasting forms, and much, much more!

Topics covered:
From Milk to Cheese: Definition and classifications of cheese, steps in cheesemaking, sensing and evaluating cheese
Are all Cheeses Created Equal? Overview of ingredients and cheese terms, what makes cheese different and other ways to classify cheese
From Fresh to Firm: In-depth review of the categories of cheese
The Whole Food and the Raw Deal: Cheese nutrition and the debate over raw vs. pasteurized cheeses
The Care and Handling of Cheese: Cheese handling and storage, cheese service and pairing.

DATES FOR NEXT CURD CAMP! At this time, no Curd Camps scheduled for 2019

Cost: $495.00 + HST ($64.35) = $559.35
Includes: cheese in class, workshop materials, testing and certificate
$200 deposit required to confirm registration

Duration: 15 hours (3 hours x 5 sessions)

Friday – 6 pm – 9 pm

Saturday – 9 am – 4 pm

Sunday – 9 am – 4 pm

Result: Certificate of Achievement

Cost of the course is eligible for an education tax credit.

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