Cheese Appreciation Level 2

Cheese Appreciation 2 builds upon the knowledge gained in the pre-requisite course Cheese Appreciation 1.  This course is offered at a retail level (deli staff training) and also has been offered in the past to cheese enthusiasts.

The emphasis in this course is on Old and New World Cheeses.  A history of classic Old World Cheeses, by country, is studied.  The course integrates a comparison of New World Cheeses in the tasting component of the class.  Without understanding the history behind Old World Cheeses, it is impossible to appreciate the innovation and craftsmanship behind fine New World Cheeses.

Developing a Cheese Vocabulary

  • The affinage process*
  • Animal pedigree and well being
  • Geographic influences of regions and PDO*
  • Continued cheese category discovery*
  • Cheese regulations and standards
  • Importance / effect of milk quality*
  • Technology in milk treatment & effect*

* Indicates tasting component will be incorporated into the discussion.

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Cost: $575.00 + HST (74.75) = $649.75
(includes class, cheese, workshop materials, testing and certificate)

Prerequisite: Cheese Appreciation 1
Duration: 24 hours (3 hours x 8 weeks)
Class size: Maximum 25 people.
Result: Certificate of Achievement

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