Business Tastings

Custom Business Cheese Training

Artisan Cheese Marketing has experience in training sales teams, fine dining and retail staff, chefs and executives to be the best in cheese, dairy or deli service. If you have a cheese or dairy training need, we are happy to offer customized cheese education to meet your specific goals.

Here are some examples of training we have delivered in the past:

Performance-Enhancing Training

  • Cheese product knowledge training for all levels of marketers, sales people and management
  • Staff training on retail cheese merchandising and service
  • Staff training on restaurant cheese board and trolley service

Consultation on Strategic Market, Business and Program Development

  • Retail store cheese selection, procurement, service and promotion
  • Cheese menu / board / trolley selection, procurement and service
  • Market introduction, development and promotion for artisan cheeses

Corporate Cheese Tastings

  • Sales meetings
  • Client appreciation tutored events
  • Cheese course selection, planning and presentation at gourmet or winemaker dinners
  • Fund raising wine & cheese events

Consumer Events

  • Trade & consumer show representation
  • Spokes person representation

For more information, please contact us at[email protected]