Cheese Appreciation Level 3

Cheese Appreciation Level 3 depends on the foundation laid in the pre-requisite course Cheese Appreciation Level 1.  The emphasis in this course is on Old World Cheese; the social history, quality standards, terroir influences & regulatory guidelines that formed this mature cheese industry.  It is a favourite among graduates as they learn and taste cheese in detail using new perspectives.

Old World / European Cheeses : (France, UK, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Holland, Portugal, Switzerland, and more)

  • Classic Varieties*
  • Industrial vs. Artisan*
  • Festivals / Traditions / History
  • Pasteurized grazing vs. Factory farms

Developing a Cheese Vocabulary

  • Regulatory issues
  • New EU PDO program for cheeses (replacing AOC, DOC, DO)
  • Understanding IDM
  • Quality standards / judging a cheese
  • Raw vs. Pasteurized*
  • Buying criteria for cheeses*

* Indicates tasting component will be incorporated into the discussion.

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Cost: $645.00 + HST($83.85) = $728.85
(includes class cheese, workshop materials, testing and certificate)

Prerequisite: Cheese Appreciation 1
Duration: 27 hours (3 hours x 9 weeks)
Class size: Maximum 25 people.
Result: Certificate of Achievement

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